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Rumah Dessert is a made by order online store for yummy desserts that serves only nothing but mouth-watering desserts.

Its best seller dessert is a French delicacy, the Authentic Creme Brulee that comes in 3 sizes :

1. Size Large     : 20 x 30 Price Rp. 300,000,-

2. Size Medium  : 20 x 20 Price Rp. 175,000,-

3. Personal Cup : Rp. 20,000 per cup (min. order 10 cups)

The Authentic Creme Brulee comes with Madagascar Vanilla bean and organic Strawberry topping (can be changed by request and additional charge may apply) and will always be a perfect partner for your special occasions.

Not only the Authentic Creme Brulee, Rumah Dessert also serves other menu as follows :

1. Lapis Legit / Layer Cake : a traditional heritage of dutch colonial and a combination of wysman butter and egg yolks that simply a form of sophisticated way in celebrating your special days. It comes in 20 x 20 size for only Rp. 350,000,- (a week in advance notification order)


2. The Devil’s Chocolate Pudding is a mixture of dark chocolate, chocolate milk and chocolate powder. Combined with fresh Strawberry and fresh cut Del Monte tropical fruits, the pudding best served with chilled vanilla vla (rhum flavor by request). Price Rp. 150,000,-

3. The Green Coconut Pudding is a combination of young coconut and fermented glutinous rice mixed together with blended Suji leaves that creates a natural green colour. It comes with chilled vanilla vla (rhum flavor by request). Price Rp. 150,000,-

Delivery services are available with additional charge. Further information please contact us via :

(Call/Text) : 0815 1941 2685 ; FB : Rumah Dessert ; Twitter : @rumahdessert ;

Website : ; E-mail : [email protected]

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