Rendang: Extremely Indonesia


Indonesia – Rendang (Minang language: randang) is one of the traditional Minangkabau dishes using meat and coconut milk as the main ingredient with the content of spices.
Cuisine with a spicy flavor that is loved by the entire community, and can be found throughout the house Eating Padang in Indonesia, Malaysia, or in other countries.
The cuisine is sometimes better known as Rendang Padang, but rendang is Minang cuisine in general.

In 2011, rendang dish has been named as the first rank in the list of World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods (50 yummiest dishes World) held by CNN
Rendang has a distinguished position in the culture of Minangkabau society
Rendang has its own philosophy for the Minangkabau of West Sumatra, the deliberation and consensus, a set of four basic ingredients that symbolize the unity of the Minang:

1. Dagiang (beef), a symbol of the “Niniak Mamak” (indigenous tribe leaders)

2. “Cadiak Pandai” (Educated People)

3. Lado (chili), is a symbol of “Muslim Scholars” a spicy, assertive to teach religious (Muslim)

4. Cookers (spice), a symbol of the whole people of Minangkabau

So, how can other countries claimed that Rendang is not from Indonesia? (WI)


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